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Three tips to support a meaningful move

The kids have grown up and flown the coop, and the home that used to be filled with chaos and noise is suddenly oh so quiet. At the tip of your tongue sits the question, “What’s next?” After years dedicated to soccer carnivals, dance competitions and late nights to meet work deadlines, a part of you can smell the freedom ahead. You start to realise that downsizing might provide opportunity to take back time, travel more, and dive back into projects and passions abandoned in those years of raising a young family and maintaining a big house.

Whilst the trend toward downsizing is steadily increasing, the conversation around the lived experience of navigating this period of change has remained relatively biased toward preparing for losses. And that’s fair enough. Turns out that moving involves much more than moving. Like all transitions, the thought of relocating away from the family home can prompt a lump in the throat, as you prepare to leave behind all you’ve understood to represent familiarity, family and belonging.

Much has been written about loss, and how to best prepare for the inevitable challenges that come with change. But what about the excitement? The adventure? The growth? How can we capitalise on those high points, and truly embrace the possibilities that lie ahead as we build a new chapter? Preparation is key.

Inspired by the field of human flourishing, here are three tips to support a meaningful move.

  1. De-clutter with a difference. For many, parting with keepsakes presents a sentimental challenge. Give your spring clean a sense of purpose by gifting to families in need, and benefit from the boost in positive emotions that helping others offers.
  2. Pay it forward. “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is today.” ~ Chinese Proverb.  Plants have a powerful way of reminding us of the many seasonal memories we’ve created over the years. Get your green thumb going, and pot up a plant that will visually carry meaningful memories forward to your new home. Watering it will provide a powerful reminder of the life you’re continuing to grow (those coming along to the Downsizer event will receive a little gift to help with this one!).
  3. Call a friend. Meaningful relationships hold the key to a long and happy life. Now is the perfect time to reconnect with friends, old and new. Include them in your journey by sharing your plans and scheduling catch ups to celebrate the ups and downs of your move. Who knows. Your big dreams and open heart might just inspire them to take the leap too!

Keen to explore more ways to make your move meaningful? Join us at the Sovereign Hills Downsizer Seminar and learn how you can lean positively into the possibilities that lie in this next life transition.

It’s happening at the Port Macquarie Golf Club on Wednesday 31 July from 5:30pm.

You can REGISTER HERE. Seats are limited.

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