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Summer style – design trends go full circle

Rattan furniture, tropical prints, velvet lounge chairs… If you lived through the 1970s you will be experiencing a touch of deja vu.

Hopefully you didn’t throw out that wicker peacock chair, because the trends of this bold decade have been making a comeback.

Never fear, those dark browns, and bright oranges and yellows haven’t re-emerged – yet.

2017 was all about natural textures, coastal colours and greenery – lots of greenery – set to a neutral backdrop.

And, this summer should feature more of the same, according to design duo Ashley Hawthorne and Jessica Hodge of Port Macquarie’s Sess & Sass Design Co.

“There’s a lot of leather, your greys, tans and blushes, rattan, then your round furnishings; round cushions, round rugs,” the savvy sisters shared.

“Boho is very in at the moment; coastal, pastel colours, your nature prints, Australian natives,” Hodge added.

The latest take on 70s style has been more subdued and with a modern twist.

“Everything used to be so square, even door handles and square fittings and fixtures in the bathroom, I think it’s softening now to round which is nice,” Hawthorne explained

And if you are in the mood for a touch of styling over the summer holidays, you will find these items on Sess & Sass Design Co’s mood board.

As for what trends are on the way out, be sure to steer clear of…

And always remember, less is definitely more when styling your space.

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