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Prime Minister’s road trip stops by Sovereign Hills

The Prime Minister made a surprise visit to Sovereign Hills just nine days out from a federal election.

Scott Morrison and the National Party’s candidate for Cowper Patrick Conaghan stopped by the new home site of a Sovereign Hills Display Village builder in our Stirling Green precinct to discuss home building on the Mid North Coast.

He met with two generations of Pycon Homes and Constructions’ Suitor family, tradesmen and a young Hastings couple.

“It was exciting to have the Prime Minister in Port Macquarie, in particular at one of Pycon’s sites,” the company’s General Manager Adam Suitor said.

The Prime Minister asked the Suitors about the level of building activity in Port Macquarie and if they employed any apprentices.

He said, if re-elected, the government would create up to 80,000 new apprenticeships in areas of skills shortages under a $525 million commitment to the sector.

He was interested to hear how Wauchope couple Bianca Marshall and Josh Farlow had found the transition back into the workforce after the birth of their daughter Ruby.

A large media contingent is travelling with the Prime Minister who said the electorate of Cowper could very well decide the next government of Australia.