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Kick into gear with community boot camp

Get ready to sweat Sovereign Hills residents! Experienced Port Macquarie trainer Kim Gunthorpe is ready to host our first free community boot camp sessions and the good news is, they’re designed for all levels of fitness.

“It’s an opportunity to build strength and endurance, increase your cardio fitness and have fun along the way,” shared the operator of GUN Body and Fitness.

The free sessions start bright and early at 6am on 7 February and will run every Thursday until 14 March at Chancellors Drive Reserve, behind Cabin.

Gunthorpe, who is also an F45 trainer (think high intensity circuit training workouts), said the Sovereign Hills sessions will feature a combination of cardio and strength.

And there’s a little sweetener for residents who haul themselves out of bed for the 6am start – the promise of a reward in the form of a hot or cold beverage from Cabin at the end of their workout.

The super fit Sovereign Hills local gets a real kick out of helping people of all ages on their personal fitness journey.

“Fitness has always been a huge part of my daily life since I was young. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I want to encourage and support my clients throughout their own journey of achieving their own health and fitness goals. Whatever that might be, it’s a special feeling knowing that you’re helping someone be the best that they can be.

The busy mother started GUN Body and Fitness in order to create a service for any age, every level of fitness and any goal, and has these words of advice for people who want to improve their fitness and general health.

“Life is really crazy busy sometimes! Incorporating a healthy lifestyle is so important for the whole family. Eating a balanced diet and exercising daily will give your body the nutrients you need to feel good and have lots of energy. Long term, this lifestyle will reduce excess weight gain, stress, blood pressure, risk of heart disease and much more.

“Anything is possible you just need to start.”

The free community boot camp sessions are available to all Sovereign Hills residents.

For more information, you can contact the Land Sales Centre on 6581 1711.

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