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Couple take home building to new heights

Polished concrete floors, subway tiles, high ceilings and sleek furniture – Joey and Kieran Dable have brought a slice of Manhattan to Sovereign Hills.

The completion of their stylish new home caps off a busy period for the dynamic duo who built their first house with Pycon Homes and Constructions in Sovereign Hills’ Barton Ridge precinct five years ago.

“We owned and lived in a small unit near Flynns Beach. Excited to build our first home together, we wanted to surround ourselves in a new environment that was family friendly and out of the way,” shared Joey.

“We wanted to find a location with that suburban feel that took us back to our childhoods and Sovereign Hills delivered.”

Since then, the Dables have sold their first creation, and developed a series of villas within Sovereign Hills’ Stirling Green precinct.

“Although we are building villas, I really love to incorporate that big home feel into all of our projects; beautiful big open plan living spaces and a kitchen to entertain in is a must!”

Surprisingly, property development is not the Dable’s primary focus – Kieran is a travel consultant with 10 year’s industry experience and Joey is the co-founder of graphic design agency Two Minds Creative.

“I was lucky enough to have some fantastic mentoring by some local creatives around 10 years ago, and it’s been a fantastic journey ever since. As a junior, I was always encouraged to go out and work with different clients and spread my wings. Now, I’m part of a fantastic team with our own graphic design agency based here in Port Macquarie. We are small and humble but fortunate to be working with some heavy hitters in Port Macquarie,” he explained.

The agency’s newest venture Elevate Rendering Studio has evolved from Joey and Kieran’s own property experience and has quickly gained momentum.

“It’s a hybrid of the two things I’m most passionate about,” explains Joey, who provides architectural 3D images of new home builds, based on his clients’ house plans and material samples.

He’s offering an exclusive deal to Sovereign Hills land purchasers and the Sovereign Hills Display Village builders interested in this service.

“When we first built our house, I wanted to see what It would look like when it was finished; experiment with materials and colours until I found something that worked. It kind of turned into something greater from these roots. Now we are working with developers, builders and real estate agents to help them envisage and promote projects they are working on. It’s pretty exciting seeing their visions come to life.”

Through their sheer hard work, determination and many long hours spent in front of the computer designing, the Dables have joined a number of young professionals riding the crest of Port Macquarie’s latest growth surge. But there’s a secret to their success.

“Coffee and one amazing wife. The secret is good drive and amazing support and I’m lucky enough to have both,” shared Joey.

Furthermore, the Dables, like many former Sydney residents, are truly appreciative of the benefits of living in a regional, yet increasingly metropolitan, centre.

“If someone told me Port Macquarie would have turned into what it is 10 years ago I would not have believed them,’’ added Joey.

“The sheer number of people leaving the rat race of the big cities and moving to Port is astonishing. On top of that, all the growing infrastructure including the hospital, airport and so forth is really making this a place to be.”

For others thinking of making the move, take it from those who have already cut a path to the beautiful Hastings region.

“The 10-minute commute to work, lack of traffic, and having access to anything I need without the fuss of the big city; I think Port is on the brink of a huge explosion of growth. It’s the little things that you see that really enforce that; new restaurants, the overhaul of our roads, and houses being built left right and centre. I think once the airport reaches its potential, there’s no stopping it.”

For more information about Elevate Rendering Studio and the exclusive Sovereign Hills service, you can contact Joey at


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